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mtndivluvmykbo [userpic]

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January 8th, 2006 (11:10 pm)

current mood: sick

Yeah, so, I'm 23 years old, and still living at home, and still bartending at the same freaking restaraunt that I was 2 years ago. I am so tired of working a BAR! I dread going to work tomorrow, being around all that smoke (I'm a non-smoker) and being in all the drama and screwed up lives that it has to offer. Its not the actual place that I'm tired of, its just the atmosphere. I need a GROWN-UP job. I have a college degree, why is so difficult to find a J-O-B? Jesus!

I call Casey at least twice a day. I have got to stop. Even when he says, I'll call you back, I call him before he gets a chance to even call me. I call him and he doesn't feel like talking so I get off the phone. Tonight, he knew it aggrevated me. And being the super sweet boyfriend that he is, he actually called me back to talk. AWWWWW!!!

My room is so messy that there's probably something growing in there. I'm never here and even when I am, I've got better things to do, like the internet, LJ and Facebook. I know, I'm a nerd. And now I think I'm going to watch MTV, then sleep on the couch because I can't even get to my bed. LOL.


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