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mtndivluvmykbo [userpic]

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January 7th, 2006 (10:55 pm)

current mood: exhausted
current song: Purple Rain

First of all, I got super duper WASTED last night. Barf-ola. I stayed up until 8:30 and had to be at work at 10:30. I didn't show up until 12:30. Felt throw-up-ish all freaking day long. And when you bartend the very last freaking thing that you need is to smell any kind of liquor or beer that you got retarded on the night before. OH MY GOD!!!! I HAVE TO QUIT DRINKING!!!! AGH!! Barf-ola.

Second of all, I hate talking on the phone just as much as you do Case, but the only freaking way I can talk to you is by phone, retard so please please please act like you like it DAMMIT! And why you're acting like you like it, please act like you really reallyreally miss me more than I miss you. (Wish he only read this. DAMN!)

Third of all, I went to party where I knew that my ex-fiance would be with his new girlfriend. We haven't dated in a long time, but we still try to keep in touch. We dated for 6 years. I always knew he wasn't the one. Unlike Casey, when I met him, I knew he was. Anyway, he's gained about 40 pounds and his new girlfriend makes stomach turn. Tonight, I had a great moment. You know you rock when you old boyfriend's new girlfriend gets pissed off for him looking at you. How cool is that? I wanted to die!!! HA HA HA bitches. I've lost weight, look awesome, and feel even better knowing that I am completely happy with myself and with my Casey. I love him. They ended up leaving because I was there. Not because I was being mean, cause I would never...But I'm so sorry that she felt uncomfortable. BARF-OLA.

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