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mtndivluvmykbo [userpic]

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January 5th, 2006 (10:01 pm)

current mood: bouncy
current song: The Who

Updating Two days in a row...I'm doing good.
Got sunburnt in the tanning bed.
It sucks.
Went to the gym....YAY!
Got really sore.
It sucks.
Back on track.
That's good.
People don't understand how stressful pageants are on you body.
Damn beauty pageants.
Casey actually called me a lot today.
Surprising, but made me love love love him some more.
This sucks.
I miss him a lot lot lot lot lot.
Bought tickets to see Motley Crue next week.
Cannot wait, its the best concert ever.
Note to self: Next life, Become a ROCK STAR!

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